you* absolutely have time to make and can afford a healthy snack

  • Combine frozen pineapple, frozen spinach, an orange, and water in blender
  • Blend
  • Pour into what was once a Trader Joe’s pasta sauce jar
  • Borrow a straw
  • Drink

No excuses. It’s organic (if you so choose), $8 cheaper than Liquiteria, easy, transportable, and delicious. Bonus-level-ease if your office lets you keep food in the freezer and has a blender.

*by you, I mean mean me. Stop. impulse. buying. gigantic. chocolate. muffins.


resist in 5 minutes or less


The website offers brief summaries of current events requiring resistance. It tells you who your representatives are, provides their phone numbers, and offers scripts for those who get tongue-tied (hand raised). Try to call from 9-5 on weekdays. Might I suggest leaving your desk and combining a walk around the block with a call?

Stretch those legs, use that voice, resist!