Does your favorite local independent bookstore have a bulletin board? Yes? OMG YOU STILL HAVE A LOCAL INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE? Turn off the interwebz and go to there! You will find a handsome man in tortoise shell glasses reading to his niece named Turtle who is wearing the overalls you added to your “can’t afford but…” wish list. You’ll be inspired by the number of books on the front table authored by women of color. You’ll find a section of “staff picks” that are so cool and obscure that you’ll decide against asking staff where to find the coloring books. And you may see a little bulletin board in the corner. Quirky posters will highlight affordable lessons, “resistance” actions items, available spots on a bowling team, and a neighbor’s bar cart for sale, for only $35! It’s endearing and refreshing and communal and inspiring. Let this be my bulletin board.