classpass for volunteerism

New York Cares makes volunteering within the 5 boroughs as easy as Classpass makes trying new studios.

  • Want to explore Queens next Saturday with a friend? Help recent immigrants prepare for their citizenship exams before embarking on your culinary adventure.
  • Want to squeeze in a volunteer activity before work? Help elementary school students learn yoga in the East Village.
  • Looking to mix up date night? Walk shelter pups in Williamsburg before trying that new poke spot.

These are actual upcoming volunteer activities that took less than 30 seconds to find thanks to NYCares’ search filters by location, time, and interests. All you have to do is attend a very brief orientation that teaches you the basics of volunteerism (be prompt! be respectful!) and sign up online.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet fellow volunteers and under-served populations. You will be inspired by incredible programs, you will learn new things, you will turn your phone off for a bit. AND IT IS FREE. Go forth.


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